Professional Business Services

  • G-Suite by GoogleApps

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  • eCommerce & Marketing

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    • Get Listed
    • Get Found
    • Get social
  • Backup & Restore Services

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    • We help businesses just like yours
    • Restoration & Migration, Offsite Data Backup, Tape Vaulting, Data Archiving, Data Management Services
  • Consulting/R&D Consultation

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    • R&D Consulting practice includes
    • Product Strategy
    • Multi-Vendor Consulting & System integration
    • Solutions for Addressing Vertical Markets
    • Strategic Planning
    • Operations Improvement
  • Responsive Web Design

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    • DTS-NET Responsive Web Design & Project Development

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      Web VR Design
      DTS-NET VR web development
      open source project allows our developers to create HTML-based VR experiences that work with both Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, among others as well as with no VR headset at all, using a phone’s gyroscope to allow users to tilt the display to explore worlds.

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